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Golden Birches

Golden Birches
Image size: 375mm x 375mm

Golden Birches is a much larger version of Autumn Birches, printed from a re-drawn image and re-cut on much larger lino blocks. After printing Autumn Birches and Spring Birches with small lino blocks, I wanted to scale them up. Why should lino prints have to be small?

The result is Golden Birches and Primavera Birches. Golden Birches, as Autumn Birches before it, was born in the late Summer of 2006, in a wood near Gironde-sur-Dropt in Aquitaine, South West France. I was roving in the French countryside with my drawing pad and some sticks of charcoal. As I walked along a country road, I looked sideways into a wood that seemed to stretch on for ever. The trees were uniformly spaced, which allowed my eye to gauge distance precisely. But as the trees receded from view, they fell into the deep darkness of the wood. So, though man had planted this wood some ten or fifteen years previously, on a geometric pattern, ultimately the trees were taken over by darkness. It was, on that hot and sunny afternoon outside the wood, looking in, as if the trees were looking back, breathing, waiting for something to happen. At the larger scale, the depth - and so, I think, the mystery of natural potential - deepens.

The new images of Golden Birches and Primavera Birches complement each other nicely and, hung next to each other in a room or opposite each other in a hallway, introduce a sense of seasonality and the passage of time to a home, as if a small part of nature has been brought inside. Prints of Golden Birches and Primavera Birches are sold separately.

Golden Birches is printed using Hawthorn inks on stiff 300gsm Snowdon Cartridge paper. Image size 375mm x 375mm. Paper size 700mm x 480mm. Edition of 10.

The price shown includes postage and packing for delivery to a UK address. Every print dispatched is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and securely packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube, and delivered to the address required by post via Royal Mail or Parcel Force (depending on the size of the print) and signed for upon delivery.

If you would like a print delivered to an address outside the UK, please let me know when ordering and I will investigate whether you need to pay anything extra to cover the increased postage price.

Because of the stiffness of the paper upon which this print is printed, after delivery please take care removing it from the packaging. After removal from the roll, please allow the paper to relax into flatness of its own accord, rather than attempting to force it flat by applying weight, which may also affect the print itself. Patience and the normal atmospheric relative humidity of air are the best means to flatten the print after delivery.

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